Community Outreach

Mission Trips

The foundation aided fundraising for Lauren and 16 classmates at Pepperdine University for a mission trip to Huehuetenango, Guatemala at Orphage Fundacion Salvacion in March 2012.

In the summer of 2013, the LEO Foundation sponsored a student from Westchester Academy for International Studies in Houston, Texas. The student, Alondra Andrade, traveled to Quiche, Guatemala for a month-long mission trip. The transformative impact this trip had on her inspired the Foundation to work more with girls like Alondra. These trips provide pivotal experiences that encourage the participants to dream bigger. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting these types of programs that help young girls realize their dreams.

Adopt a Family

During the holiday season, we adopt families in the Houston area. Our recent family had major financial and emotional struggles. With a father slowly dying of pancreatic cancer, receiving anonymous Christmas gifts and financial assistance was a welcomed and appreciated holiday gift. For multiple years, we’ve supported families in need throughout the holiday season. Each year, we personally choose gifts suitable for the children at different ages and we continue to provide financial assistance.

Assisting Local Schools

The LEO Foundation supports the volunteering efforts of local service clubs. The Foundation donated to the Business Development Club at the Awty International School to help support a wheat mill in Lebanon through investments and business development activities.