Educational Donations

Educational Donations are at the core of the LEO Foundation. We believe that finances should never prevent motivated students from success, and strive to provide opportunities through our donations and scholarship programs.

Latina Academic Shooting Star Scholarship Program (LASS): The LASS program provides $1,000 scholarships to first-generation Latina students headed to a Texas university. Through this growing program, we hope to encourage young women to pursue academia, helping to blaze the trail for the Hispanic community in the US towards academic success. The LASS program’s current home is the Westchester Academy for International Studies, a Houston high school offering varied and challenging curriculum, including the International Baccalaureate (IB), to a student-base of many disadvantaged, Hispanic students.

Peer Scholarship: The Lauren E O’Malley Foundation donated a scholarship to a fellow Awty International student in order for her to attend a Summer Honors Program at UCLA.
Donation to community service club at school: The Lauren E O’Malley Foundation donated to the Business Development Club at the Awty International School to help support a wheat mill in Lebanon through investments and business development.